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Out of the Black Shadows

Out of the Black Shadows Book

TITLE: OUT OF THE BLACK SHADOWS CLIENT: 10 PUBLISHING DESCRIPTION: Biography of a former Gang member who found salvation. BRIEF: The publisher was looking for an engaging design to convey the gangland environment of the author and a traditional idea of Africa. PROCESS: The starting point was to produce an illustrative interpretation of a threatening […]

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TABS Series

Think. Ask. Bible. Series

TITLE: THINK. ASK. BIBLE. Series CLIENT: CHRISTIAN FOCUS PUBLICATIONS DESCRIPTION: Youth Bible Study guides aimed at 12-18 year olds. BRIEF: Publisher was looking a visually engaging design for a series that incorporated imagery of young people and included icons to represent the 3 areas within the book for personal engagement. PROCESS: The starting point was […]

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Jungle Doctor Box

Jungle Doctor Boxset

TITLE: JUNGLE DOCTOR BOXSET CLIENT: 10 PUBLISHING DESCRIPTION: Boxset of 8 children’s books. BRIEF: Publisher was looking to re-vamp a set of old stories from the 1960’s. The goal was to create new, visually attractive books packaged in a boxset. The books needed to be colourful and attractive to catch the eye of both mums […]

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EP Bitesize Biography Series

Bitesize Biographies Book Series Design

TITLE: BITESIZE BIOGRAPHIES BOOK SERIES DESIGN CLIENT: EVANGELICAL PRESS  DESCRIPTION: EP banded geometric pattern style cover design for a range of book, with over 100 titles within the series. BRIEF: Publisher was looking for an attractive re-design of one of their largest series of book – Bitesize Biographies. The design needs to be bright, colourful […]

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Christmas books 2015-2017

Christmas Books 2015-2017

Christmas: The Greatest Gift – 2017 TITLE: CHRISTMAS: THE GREATEST GIFT CLIENT: 10 PUBLISHING DESCRIPTION: Thoughtful Christmas book to encourage people as they think about what the greatest gift at Christmas is. BRIEF: Publisher was looking for an attractive Christmas book. The book needed to be designed for Churches and individuals. Ideally to also be […]

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Big Bible Science Book

Big Bible Science

TITLE: BIG BIBLE SCIENCE BOOK CLIENT: CHRISTIAN FOCUS PUBLICATIONS  DESCRIPTION: Science activity book aimed at 8-13 year olds. BRIEF: Publisher was looking for high-design colour activity book for parents, school and home-schoolers to use for teaching on the topic of science. Each section requires specific logos and place-holders. The design of the book needs to […]

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